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23 April 2018
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23 February 2021

To design a walk-in closet in small spaces

Alucabina custom made walk-in closets

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The creation of a walk-in closet strictly depends on the room's sizes and on the doors and windows position.

Some project examples show that a free corner of 1,90 x 1,20 metres is enough to build a wardrobe room.
It would be ideal to use a bedroom wall in its entire length, always keeping a minimum depth of 1,30 – 1,50 metres.
In small flats of about 40 or 50 sq or in a family houses of 80-90 sq, it is more easier to locate the walk-in-closet outside the bedroom, for example in the utility room (if unused), in dead spaces of the corridor or in the ante-bathroom.

Designing a walk-in-wardrobe in a small and asymmetrical room is an irresistible challenge to overcome, because we will still have space up to the ceiling and modular interior systems adaptable to our needs. A “C”-shaped walk-in-closet rests on three sides and is also suitable for irregularly shaped solutions: the central space must be at least 70-90 cm.

Some dimensions to be considered
The elements for shoes and bags are 25 to 40 cm deep.
For short dresses and coats you need modules 120-140 cm high. For long coats dresses you will need 160 cm high module. For jackets and skirts 90 cm high module, the same for trousers if you keep them folded on a hanger, differently you will need 130 cm to keep them hanging.

How to make use of height
Modular structures with slotted profiles or vertical uprights to be fixed to the wall are ideal. Slotted profiles accept shelf supports, hangrails and drawers, thus the composition can easily be changed over time, for example if you move house.
The components can be added at any time you desire.


Self-supporting structureno
Cladding panelsyes
Colorsat your choice
Su misurayes
Easy mountingyes
Interlocking elementsyes

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