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23 April 2018
To design a walk-in closet in small spaces
17 December 2020

Alucabina walk-in closet on self-supporting structure

Alucabina walk-in closet on self-supporting structure

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The Alucabina walk-in-closet on self-supporting structure can be purchased starting from € 899, the price to be defined based on accurate project.

The bespoke walk-in-closet is designed according to the customer's needs,it can be installed in any place you want, and it has the accessories able to satisfy the needs of the moment.

These are walk-in-closets with versatile spaces to organise your clothes or objects according to functional needs.

The walk-in-closets are composed of several verticals rods and uprights functioning as a load-bearing structure, shelves placed at various heights and integrated drawer units.

The walk-in closets are designed to meet all kinds of requirements, i.e. to store folded jumpers and T-shirts, to hang skirts, trousers, dresses and jackets, to place storage boxes at the top, to store jewellery, to store shoes properly.

You can choose the colours and have fun matching and assigning them to each element; for example, as the photo shows, you can have the shelves in pink and the drawers in a neutral white, all according to taste and in line with the mood of the furnishings in the room.


Self-supporting structureyes
Cladding panelsyes
Coloursat your choice
Easy mountingyes
Interlocking elementsyes

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